Indonesia Need Foreign Investors

As the funding of infrastructure projects can not be financed entirely by the State Budget (APBN), Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla administration  are likely to tighten the selection of potential investors who are interested to invest in Indonesia. The policy is based on the power plant development project from the previous government which was only 73 percent that can be completed up to the deadline in 2014 as the lack of seriousness of potential investors in building the plant.
Kalla said, the government would allow foreign investors to meet the three demands. Three of these conditions is, to create jobs for the people who were in the vicinity of the project is done, increasing  revenue,  create added value for the economy of Indonesia.
We will help them (investors) as long as they meet these things. We will also provide ease of regulation and bureaucracy for entrepreneurs is also heeding the government’s priorities. In addition, we also ask them to remain in compliance with regulatory guidelines that exist and still pay taxes, “said JK.
He confirmed that the government would act decisively to investors who do not meet the direction of the government.” Discipline is also important, because of the discipline, all matters will go more smoothly. For example, we will take firm action against the mining company which is slow in making the smelter. The choice is two, take it or leave it. Respect regulations in Indonesia, “he said. JK hope between government and private sector there should be a common understanding  to create a win-win solution.” The important thing we can work simultaneously, open to one another, and do effective work, “he added.
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