Karawang City Will Become Japan Investment Base


Japanese investors committed to expand investment in Indonesia. However, there is a requirement that they submit the addition of infrastructure facilities. They are interested to invest in Karawang City, West Java.

Indonesian’ Minister of Industry said that Japanese businessmen had asked prepared the ground for additional investment. “Japan business people Japan called land of 3,000 hectares in Karawang for expansion over the next 15 years. They also asked for additional infrastructure such as shipping ports close to the site,” the minister  said. Japanese businessman chose Karawang as their investment base because since last few years since the region has became the location of Japanese investment in Indonesia.

Related to problem of shipping port, the Indonesian central government and the local government is developing an international port in Cilamaya, Karawang. The 200 hectares port is planned to be operational in 2017. “They need to secure the plan,” said the Minister.

Chairman of the Indonesian-Japan Asociation, Yasuo Fukuda said, in general, Japanese investment in Indonesia continues to increase from year to year. The impact, the land requirement is also increasingly becoming an important addition to the provision of adequate infrastructure. However, Japanese businessmen are having trouble finding land for industry that have  are eligible in terms of infrastructure. “So we asked Indonesian government to provide adequate infrastructure,” said the former prime minister of Japan.

The Indonesian minister realizing the difficulties of investors, including from Japan. Because the growth of industrial land and infrastructure is not as fast as the growth of incoming investment. But he pledged to push for needed infrastructure investor considering Indonesia is now the status of the country as main investor destination  in Southeast Asia. “They prefer us than Thailand,” he said. While the Director General of International Industry Cooperation Indonesian Ministry of Industry Agus Tjahajana added, Japan investors pledged to continue to encourage their investment in Indonesia. But they also requested us to make easier in terms of getting land.

In addition, he said the Japanese investors also need to secure the supply of energy such as electricity, fearing a shortage of supply for their production activities. This thought is very important because the Japanese government itself asked for their industry players to strengthen its investment in Indonesia. “Basically, there will be more investment in some sectors such as automotive and electronics for ,” said Agus.

Data from Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) refer to Japanese investment is the second largest of about US $ 1.8 billion. Or approximately 10% of the total foreign investment into Indonesia.

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