Top 100 FMCG Companies in Indonesia – Market Research Report


Top 100 FMCG Companies in Indonesia: Competitive Landscape, Key Players and its strength, Trend, Revenue and Investment Opportunity – Market Research Report

Based on market research job, we can provide useful information related to that topic, and abble to collect relevant data as needed by client. This report is presented in English.We are specialized in micro market research with focus on business players analysis and information.

In this report (Top 100 FMCG Companies in Indonesia), we will cover top FMCG companies like Indofood Group, Wings Surya Group, Sosro Group, Orang Tua Group, Nabati Food Group, Khong Ghuan Group, Mayora Group, Kapal Api Group, Nestle, Coca-Cola Group, and many others. 

As you know, Indonesia with more than 250 million population is one most lucrative market for global company to penetrate in FMCG sector. Big market, big future, growing midle class.  

For certain request, we can also make report top 250 FMCG companies, including mid level companies. 

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