PT Telkom Indonesia posted net profit Rp 11.0 trillion in the first semester of 2020

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) posted a net profit of Rp 11.0 trillion in the first semester of 2020. This figure is slightly lower than the net profit in the first semester of 2019 which reached Rp. 11.1 trillion.

Telkom Finance Director Heri Supriadi stated that Telkom’s revenue in the first semester of 2020 fell by 3.6 percent from Rp.69.3 trillion to Rp.66.9 trillion. Meanwhile, the largest revenue was contributed by Data, Internet and Technology Services which grew by 6.8 percent to IDR 35.3 trillion.

“SMS, fixed and cellular voice fell 27.5 percent from Rp 18.0 trillion to Rp 13.0 trillion,” Heri explained in his Public Expose Live 2020 presentation, Thursday (27/8).

IndiHome’s income was recorded to have increased by 19.1 percent from IDR 8.7 trillion to IDR 10.4 trillion. Heri said that this growth was driven by the addition of new users and add-ons provided by Telkom to improve IndiHome services.

Then, Interconnection revenue also rose 24.9 percent from Rp. 3.3 trillion to Rp. 4.1 trillion. Meanwhile, Other Telecommunication Network revenues decreased by 36.4 percent from IDR 6.3 trillion to IDR 4.0 trillion.

“Operating expenses decreased by 5.4 percent to Rp 44.6 trillion, controlled by decreasing operational & maintenance, marketing and general & administrative expenses,” he said.

Then, Telkom’s tower business grew with revenue up 61 percent to Rp 916 billion. It was recorded that 3,100 towers were successfully acquired in 2019.

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