Research Report on 235 Group of Companies in Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation


Just info, we have just completed research on palm oil plantations in Indonesia. We reports it in a research book in English, under the title of “235 Group of Companies in Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation: Your Potential Partners for Future Growth”. I think this book will be very useful for companies that’s looking for partners to Indonesian palm oil plantation companies. CPO buyers, investor, bankers, are the most recommended to read this book. Of course it will be very useful for company that will invest in palm oil plantation in Indonesia, especially company that will acquire other plantation.

This book cover companies which own palm oil plantation in Indonesia (operational in Indonesia), based on group ownership. Sinarmas Group for instance, though the group own more than 30 plantation companies, we only count one. So the other group that own more 8 palm oil plantation company, we also count one. This book cover both companies owned by local investor or foreign investor.

This book will be very useful for investors or any parties especially for the companies (investors) who want to expand their business, by looking for investment partners in palm oil business in Indonesia. It will assist to the companies that will run acquisition strategy in palm oil plantation company. So for bankers. Understandably, so far from the 235 group of company engaged in palm oil plantation in Indonesia, there are only 10 companies that has been listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange. It means that the information of most companies are not available in the public room, so this research book is very valuable. The book contain 280 pages and in English edition.

From this book, readers will also know about the information such as:

– The land bank ownership (hectares) of each group, which is its subsidiary companies, including the amount of planted area. Of course included his contact address and key persons in the group.
– the new players in this industry, who is, its magnitude, which family founded and controls the group of companies?
– the typology of the group of companies: which’s the fast growing group? Which’s established player? Which’s players can be categorized as giant?
– foreign investor who has already invest in palm oil in Indonesia? Including investor from Europe, India, Hong Kong, Korea, China, the Middle East, America, etc..
– the list of Malaysian group of companies that control plantation in Indonesia?  How big is its land bank: planted area and its factory in Indonesia?
– of course, the research is also important to map which companies to be your partner or competitor.

For those who want to get this research report (book), the price is so cheap. Order from form outside Indonesia should add courier cost – from Jakarta to the city of costumer.

If you interested to buy this book, do not hesitate to contact us.

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