10 Business Sectors Where Indonesian Employers Need Foreign Investor


There are quite a lot of business opportunities in Indonesia that can be done by foreign investors. In this case when we talk of investors who will invest as USD 40 million or above. Here are so many businessmen and companies that actually know some very lucrative business opportunity, but, unfortunately, they do not have enough capital to work on the business. Of course, it will be a goldden opportunity for foreign investors to work together with local players in the for-profit business together.

Really some Indonesian businessmen have good competence, but less money to capitalize. If they get enought capital, the will run the business and get good profit together with investor.

Here are 10 areas of business that Indonesian businessman now tend to require co-investor/capital partners :

1. Power generation

2. Smelter project in mining sectors

3. Real estate developer (housing and apartment)

4. Hotel and mixed used developer

5. Telecommunications network, fiber optics, IT infrastructure

6. Fishery/shrimp business/agribusiness/feedlot

7. Banks and financing companies

8  Shipping

9. Infrastructure (public water, waste, etc)

10. Manufacturing company

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