Market Research For Foreign Investor Who Will Invest in Indonesia


Our firm consist of experienced team who have do market research project for some multinationals companies in Indonesia. We help foreign investor to secure their investment in Indonesia by conducting reliable market research. We help them with market research / business research that we can do both quantitative or qualitative research. Our service competence in the scope: 

Market Mapping & Competitor Intelligence

We can do an in-depth analysis of potential competitors and market map. We will show who the market leader, top ten players in each idustry and their strength, This includes market overviews, company profiles and analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in new target markets. We will do this qualitative research to look at your competitors. Our research experts employ SWOT analysis to assess competitor strategies. We can evaluates competitors from all pertinent quantitative angles. We include pricing strategies, product and service comparisons, competitor rankings, benchmarking studies and financial statement analysis. We will provides an effective way to keep a watchful eye on everything of importance with a comprehensive set of services regarding competitive intelligence research and analysis. Competitive intelligence research and analysis involves confidential and sensitive details. To address potential concerns, it is advisable that businesses work with experienced and trusted providers. It usually need non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with both parties. 

Market Feasibility Studies

We can do Market Feasibility Studies to prepares you for circumstances that will be faced in specific markets by looking into market entry barriers, competitor and business obstacles. This candid assessment often includes SWOT and PEST analyses.

Industry Reports

Our team have competence in colleting data of industry and also examines industry trends impacting the business. We address recent developments, industry regulations, changing industry landscapes and consumer preference shifts.

Product and Services Research

This is one among most wanted research services. We do analyzes consumer needs and preferences and how they impact both new and existing services and products. The qualitative research process is designed to identify the highest-priority service requirements and product features. 

Brand Research

We can reviews all aspects of branding strategies. It can be quantitative or qualitatitave. Our research includes social media monitoring, paper and online questionnaires, choosing a brand and name for products and services, brand reputation, brand image research and brand recognition.

Customer Satisfaction Studies

It uses qualitative and quantitattive questionnaires to identify both real and perceived pain points for your current and prospective customers. We prepare concise reports that showcase consumer opinions.

Research On Government Policy 

We can do customized qualitative research on government policy related to certain business sector. We will explore expert commentary and opinions to build comprehensive finding. 

Network Creation & Research

We have competence to help investor in create  network by identifying partners such as distributors, suppliers, lenders, attorneys, joint venture candidates, accountants and franchise partners. This is one of the most important and delicate steps as you develop a market entry strategy. 

Merger and Acquisition Services

We are expert in identifying potential partners for market entry and can help some M&A aspects. We can refer team who can perform due diligence, prepare pitch presentations, develop financial models, analyze financial data and assemble information memorandums. We have team that experienced in merger and acquisition in global standard. This services is not research job, but financial advisory job.


We can facilitates clients to do workshops with designated participants such as consumers, product experts and employees. Topics can include working on a case study designed to elicit answers to specific qualitative research questions.

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