Rich People in China is Growing Rapidly


The rich people in China is growing rapidly along with economic growth. Many of the rich people in China are not affected to the volatility of the stock market.

The following is a list of the richest people in China, as reported by Forbes, Tuesday (2/9/2011).

1. Liang Wengen. The amount of his wealth totaled USD9,3 billion.

Located at the top of the list, aka the richest man in China’s Liang Wengen, owner of the Sany Heavy Industry which is a manufacturer of heavy equipment for construction needs.

A wealth of Liang Wengen leapt along with his booming property sector. He occupied the position of richest man after the previous year is in third position only. Where wealth leapt 58 percent to USD9,3 billion.

Not only that, she also get the additional benefit of step up privatization effort Sany Group subsidiary.

2. Robin Li. Wealth reached USD9,2 billion.

Robin Li is owner of search engines on the internet. Whereas the last March, the character was named to be the richest man in China. Come down to whether he is because of his company’s stock price plummeted.

3. Liu of Yongxing. His fortune reached USD6,8 billion, sector investments vary like property and more. He was once the richest man in China in 2008.

4. Liu Yunghao & family. Kekayannya reached USD6,6 billion. He focuses his business in agribusiness sector. In the previous year he was in position 9.

5. Zong Qinghou. Its assets totaled USD6,5 billion. Business investments in the sector of beverages.

6. Hui Ka Yan. His fortune reached USD6,2 billion, he focused on the real estate sector. He is the developer of the project spread out Evergrande, throughout China. His wealth grew along with the emergence of the property.

7. Wu Yajun & family. The amount of his wealth totaled USD5,9 billion. He also engaged in the real estate sector.

8. Zhang Jindong. The value of its assets reached USD5,6 billion. A rehearsal for a business is a retail business.

9. He Xiangjian Safari Park. Assets reached USD5,5 billion. Business investments are appliances.

10. Qiu Guanghe & family, own asset reached USD4,8 billion. He is doing business in the retail sector, its retail store named Zhejiang Polish. He had joined the new millionaires in China.

11. The Huiyan. USD4,5 billion. The real estate sector.

12. Zhou Chengjian. USD4,4 billion. The retail sector.
13. Ma Huateng. USD4,300. The internet sector.
2. Zhang Shiping & family. USD4,2 billion. The mineral sector and textile.
3. Wang Jianlin. USD4 billion. The real estate sector.
16. Zhang Xin & family. USD3,3 billion. The real estate sector.
17. Wong Kwong Yu & family. USD3,25 billion. The retail sector.
6. Chen Fashu. USD3,2 billion. The sector varies.
19. Lu Zhiqiang. USD3,1 billion. The sector varies.
8. Li Shuirong. USD3,08 billion. Petrochemicals sector.
21. Lu Guanqiu & family. USD3,06 billion. Business sector varies.
22. Zhang Zhirong. USD3 billion. The shipping sector.
23. Li Li. USD2,9 billion. The pharmaceutical sector.
24. Sun Guangxin. USD2,8 billion. Business sector varies.
25. William Ding. USD2,76 billion. The internet sector.
26. Huang Wei & family. USD2,75 billion. The real estate sector
27. Guo Guangchang. USD2,74 billion. Business sector varies.
28. Chen Jianhua & family. USD2,5 billion. Manufacturing sector
29. Hui Wing Mau. USD2,4 billion. The real estate sector.
30. Zhu Gongshan. USD2,3 billion. the solar energy sector
31. Zhu Yicai & family. USD2,26 billion. Business sector varies.
32. Chan Laiwa & family. USD2,23 billion. The real estate sector
33. Chu Lam Yiu. USD2,2 billion. The flavorings
34. Liu Zhongtian. USD2,01 billion. Sector metal processors
35. Shen Guojun. USD2 billion. The retail sector.
36. the Sze Man Bok. USD1,98 billion. Consumer production sector
37. Hui Lin Chit. USD1,94 billion. Consumer production sector
38. Gong Hongjia & family. USD1,93 billion. Electronic sector
39. Jack Ma. USD1,9 Mylar. The internet sector
40. Wang Muqing. USD1,8

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