Advantages of investing in Indonesia for foreign investors


The Indonesian government under Jokowi continued to encourage the entry of foreign investors into Indonesia. Investment is one of the efforts and aspects that have an important role in Indonesia’s development.

For foreign investors, Indonesia is an excellent investment destination for foreign investors. Why? Because if foreign investors make and invest in Indonesia it has a huge potential for profit.

The main factor that becomes one of the important factors for foreign investors to look to Indonesia, namely due to natural resources. Indonesia has abundant natural resources, ranging from petroleum resources, mining resources, and natural gas sources. Indonesia is also the largest archipelagic country which is one of the highlights in the world because it has a very strategic location. So there are many interesting and profitable factors when foreign investors invest in Indonesia. Here’s more information.

Natural resources

The wealth of natural resources owned by Indonesia should not be questioned and doubted. Both in the mining sector, such as coal, petroleum, and also natural gas, which is abundant in Indonesia. In the tourism sector, Indonesia also has a very beautiful and beautiful nature. This is usually the main thing for foreign investors to choose to invest in Indonesia.


Indonesia will experience a shift in the shape of the structure which will lead to a surge in the population and workforce who have and are dominated by productive age who are more skilled and also ready to work.

Good Economic and Investment Climate

Indonesia has survived the global economic crisis or the world economy. Indonesia continues to create a safe and healthy economic and investment climate. For now, Indonesia is even appointed as one of the economic drivers in the Asian region.

Good Political Stability

Indonesia is a country that has continued to rise to become a stable country since the reformation in the field of politics since 1998. Indonesia also continues to improve its democratic system to have a government that is always healthy and also conducive or safe.

Indonesia’s Global Role

Indonesia is one of the countries that has an active role in building bilateral and international relations. The most important thing is that Indonesia is the only country in Southeast Asia that is active in the association of G-20 countries. This is because Indonesia always tries and plays a role in conveying the interests of developing countries in the world.

These things are very beneficial for you foreign investors to invest in Indonesia. Of course, there are many factors that can be obtained for investors who invest in Indonesia, because Indonesia is a rich, safe and stable country.

However, foreign investors must pay attention to regulations in Indonesia. In addition, we also need to be careful when looking for business partners in Indonesia. You must pay attention and study the reputation, experience, trustability and integrity of the owner so that your company is not deceived.

If you are an investor or a businessman who wants to invest in Indonesia, we are ready to help you to find relevant and trustable Indonesian business partners. We are also ready to help if your company needs business research related to Indonesian companies.

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